Georgia Real Estate
Continuing Education

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  1. Georgia Understanding Closing Statements (9 Credit Hours)

    Sku: 503GA032003

    The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Settlement Statement is very intensive and complicated. This course walks the student through its completion in detail. Students will enjoy the discussion of different calculations needed to properly complete the form accurately.
  2. Writing Contracts (6 Credit Hours)

    Sku: 503GA034001

    A fundamental overview of writing contracts for real estate, this course is an excellent introduction or review of various types of contracts including tips for each. Topics included are legal descriptions, help with the wording for the method of payment sections, special stipulations, how to present offers, and also problems for which you should be on the lookout.
  3. Property Management (6 Credit Hours)

    Sku: 503GA030001

    An introduction into property management, this course helps the student understand various types of rental agreements and tenancies while also defining key terms. Students will learn how to handle subletting, security deposits, rental agreement assignment, trust accounts, rental agreement termination and trust funds.
  4. Pricing Property to Sell (6 Credit Hours)

    Sku: 503GA051001

    You want your client's property to sell. You want your client to get the most they can for the property--making you get the top commission possible. However, the property will still have to undergo an appraisal for the buyer to get the mortgage approved from the lender. So how do you determine the right price? This course is designed to help you better understand the concepts of pricing property, approaches to pricing property, principles of value, replacement cost value and the application of market data.
  5. Check it Out: Home Inspection in Real Estate Practice (3 Credit Hours)

    Sku: 503GA018001

    Just how important is a home inspection? How can you limit your liability during the home inspection process? What do your clients need to know about the home inspection process? This real estate continuing education elective answers all these questions and more, making sure your closings go smoothly.